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ADTRAN Total Access Element Management System (EMS)
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ADTRAN Total Access Element Management System (EMS)


As network infrastructures become more complex, carriers need efficient methods to manage their networks. ADTRAN Total Access Element Management System (EMS) encompasses the spectrum of ADTRAN access solutions with the tools and interfaces required of an efficient management system. This industry-proven system utilizes an all-Java architecture to provide configuration, performance, network assurance, accounting, and security functions for ADTRAN's Total Access systems, OPTI systems, and M13 products. This cost-effective yet powerful platform represents the next generation of management systems that ensure value to services offered in the evolving network.

Remote network configuration and monitoring is easily achieved through common forms in the Total Access EMS GUI. "Point and click" provisioning tools along with real-time graphical device views provide the remote user with all the functionality available locally at the device.

Total Access EMS features the EZ series wizards for "Plug and Play" deployment of Ethernet Services. The EZ series wizards enable a minimization of operational costs by streamlining simple service activations associated with Ethernet service rollouts. One example is the pre-provisioning by Operations Centers in advance of NTE deployment.

EZ Series includes:

  • EZ Bridge: Bonded group and EFM link creation
  • EZ Set-up: NTE pre-provisioning
  • EZ Ethernet: End to end layer 2 auto-provisioning

Additionally, simple wizards step the user through scheduling automated functions. New system release firmware can be scheduled to automatically upgrade select systems during the maintenance window. A schedule can also be created to upload system configuration information on a periodic basis in case of equipment failure or exchange.

Performance information detailing the health of device facilities and resources is also displayed in the common Total Access EMS GUI forms. Standard 15-minute and 24-hour intervals are shown in table or graphical format as applicable for the devices being monitored. Test management functions are available for enhanced diagnostics. Unique fault detection capabilites are supported through the integration of TSCAN and Bad Splice Detection. TSCAN is an ADTRAN specific feature that provides the user with remote management and fault isolation capabilities for HDSL and SHDSL circuits. The Bad Splice detection tool is used on SHDSL circuits.

For reliable network surveillance, alarms and events are recorded in the historical log and reported to the user in the Alarm Window. Each entry is displayed in a color-coded scheme based on its severity. Customizable views and filters simplify real-time alarm monitoring. With a single mouse click, the operator can immediately review the configuration and status information for the device that generated the alarm.

To protect against inappropriate activities, only functions and network domains defined in the user's security group are available to the user upon login. User actions are recorded in the user activity log beginning with the first login attempt. On a first time login, users are prompted to change their password to prohibit the ongoing use of default passwords.

Solaris 10 and Windows XP Professional operating systems are supported for both the server and client applications. The Total Access EMS software is licensed by network element without restriction on the number of servers or users. Licenses are available in increments of 10 or 100.

Integration with an existing OSS for flowthrough DSLAM provisioning is easily facilitated using the Total Access EMS TL1 Northbound Gateway component. Industry accepted TL1 commands are issued from the existing OSS to the EMS and then the EMS provisions the desired DSLAMs accordingly. This optional, add-on software module is sold separately from the Total Access EMS Software and is licensed by server. Solaris operating systems are supported.


  • Scalable, extensible architecture
  • All Java application based on the TMN model
  • Single management platform for ADTRAN systems
  • Fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security management functions
  • Plug and play deployment for Ethernet services
  • Automated software downloads
  • Provisioning recovery after catastrophic failure
  • Automatic server failover


Total Access EMS is for use with Solaris 10 and Windows XP Professional operating systems. Minimum hardware requirements necessary for evaluation of the Total Access EMS are listed below.

Total Access EMS Specifications
Solaris 10
  • Processor: Ultra 60, 2 x 440 MHz
  • RAM: 1G
  • Disk Drive: 9G
Win XP Pro
  • Processor: 2 GHz P4
  • RAM: 1G
  • Disk Drive: 9G
Solaris 10
  • Processor: Ultra 10, 440 MHz
  • RAM: 512M
  • Disk Drive: 1G
Win XP Pro
  • Processor: 700 MHz P3
  • RAM: 512M
  • Disk Drive: 1G
Product Families Supported
Category I
  • Total Access 5000
  • Total Access 4303 and 4303 PLUS
  • Total Access 3000 and HDX DSLAMs
  • International TDM
  • OTI-6100
Category II
  • Total Access 1100F, 1100 and 1200 DSLAMs
  • Total Access 1500
  • OPTI-3
Category III
  • NetVanta 800 Series NTUs
  • MX410, MX412
  • MX2800™, MX2820


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Download the ADTRAN Total Access EMS Datasheet (PDF).