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Carrier Ethernet Solutions
Solutions for Service Provider

ADTRAN Carrier Ethernet Solutions include features that facilitate the mass deployment of Carrier Ethernet services delivered over copper, TDM or optical facilities. Mechanization and automation in service design, activation, and maintenance are essential to wide-scale success. ADTRAN solutions offer the features and functionality necessary for OS integration and flow through processing. 

The following four service attributes are at the core of delivering a carrier-class business service and act as tenets that direct the development of our ADTRAN Carrier Ethernet solution suite.  

Carrier Ethernet Solutions

Ubiquity of service | Quality of Service assurances | Reliable service connection mechanisms | Simplified service delivery processes

High Performance Ethernet:

High Performance Ethernet

High Performance Ethernet allows service providers to offer greater than 100Mbps rates to enterprises of all verticals at the lowest start up cost and quickest time to market, compared to fiber only deployment models. ADTRAN has a strong track record of accelerating network changes that enable service providers to quickly launch new revenue generating services. High Performance Ethernet access adds to that record expanding one of the industry's broadest Carrier Ethernet portfolios.

According to Vertical Systems Group < 20% of European commercial buildings with 20+ employees have a fiber access option. Ovum Research reports that >3 million Ethernet end-points will be deployed globally from 2011-2015 for delivering 100Mbps Ethernet services. 100Mbps is the largest service segment in North America, Europe and Asia.

The new product set can deliver up to a 400Mbps rate which is 6x higher than typical Ethernet over Copper solutions and 4-8x more than Business DSL typically provides. Enterprises will benefit from 100Mbps service levels to accelerate next generation applications and services. For example, medical institutions can enable new high resolution imaging equipment or quickly respond to regulatory initiatives for expanding tele-medicine capabilities. With High Performance Ethernet, the adoption of these new services is accelerated as the prerequisite access services are offered regardless of site proximity to fiber access. No more wait listing customers.

The solutions are an alternative to costly fiber or microwave build-outs or expensive SDH/SONET access. High Performance Ethernet is optimized for delivering high-capacity downstream bandwidth to better align with the traffic demands associated with cloud computing, as well as traditional business applications such as email and streaming video.

Ethernet over Copper Solutions:

Ethernet over Copper Solutions

This innovative Ethernet over Copper (EoCu) solution enables service providers to extend packet-based business-class services beyond the reach of their fiber networks by leveraging the existing investment of copper-based TDM business services assets. This means leveraging the full advantages of TDM, the most understood, successful, and ubiquitous business service infrastructure. Due to budget restrictions and time to market requirements, deploying fiber to address nascent or disperse service demand is not feasible. This leaves a large percentage of businesses to rely on copper business access. 

The end to end EoCu solution encompasses the latest MEF certified e.SHDSL EFM network termination units (NTU). This suite of low profile EoCu NTU solutions includes the ADTRAN NetVanta 838, 834, and NetVanta 832 which bond up to 8, 4 and 2 pairs of copper loops respectively for up to 45Mbps of Carrier Ethernet service per customer node.

Also available are extreme hardened units for outdoor use. NetVanta 838 Enhanced Protection (EP) and NetVanta 838 Outside Plant (OSP) provide for cabinet and OSP deployment respectively.

Ethernet over Fiber Solutions:

Ethernet over Fiber Solutions

With the integration of EoF in the Total Access 5000 and NetVanta 8000 platforms, ADTRAN offers a scalable solution that supports service migration as providers continue to examine the customer demand for greater bandwidth. ADTRAN's EoF solution offers inherent protection and resiliency while enabling higher bandwidths to reach greater distances. The OAM and FCAPS capabilities and processes will be virtually transparent between ADTRAN EoCu, EoTDM and EoF solutions. This will significantly reduce the operational impact of upgrading access facilities as customer access requirements change due to bandwidth demand; fiber supply and lease line/fiber costs; or requirements to deliver transparent service between business locations that do not share the same type of access facilities.

Ethernet over TDM Solutions:

Ethernet over TDM Solutions

Carrier Ethernet over TDM (EoTDM) allows service providers to deliver services to any business that is serviced by TDM services today. This means delivering to customers that reside both on and off-network. EoTDM solutions extend Ethernet service delivery much further than that of the 5.7Mbps per e.SHDSL loop Ethernet over Copper (EoCu) deployments which are typically limited to 9km from service point of presence. 

This end to end EoTDM solution uses the same EoCu aggregation solutions and encompasses the latest MEF certified EFM over TDM network termination units (NTU). This suite of low profile EoCu NTU solutions includes the ADTRAN NetVanta 818, 814, and NetVanta 873 to offer extended reach Carrier Ethernet up to 135Mbps.