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ADTRAN NetVanta Business Application Server
Communications Server for Tailored Business Processes

ADTRAN NetVanta Business Application Server


As a member of the NetVanta Unified Communications (UC) family, the NetVanta Business Application Server allows for customization of your UC solution to meet unique business communications needs. This software- only package provides a Windows-based service creation environment to build tailored communications-enabled applications that drive workforce automation, increase productivity and improve organization responsiveness. 

Service Creation Environment 

NetVanta Business Application Server includes a powerful non-programmatic, visual dragand- drop service creation environment. The environment allows you to quickly and easily create powerful database enabled targeted applications. These new communication services can be created for auto-attendants, call screening and re-direction, overhead paging, conferencing, inbound IVR and outbound calling processes.

Database Integration

With the use of an ODBC-compliant database or the built-in tables, you can quickly and easily build customized communications enabled business processes using your existing communications system. Powerful, yet easy to use building blocks such as dial-for-data, retrieve, update, add or delete data enables custom development to address communications enablement of business processes within virtually any market.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 

IVR allows users to interact with a business' internal information systems. The NetVanta Business Application Server supports both inbound and outbound IVR functionality. The use of IVR, in conjunction with the ODBC integration, allows customers to access a company's database via a telephone touchtone keypad. This powerful combination enables endless business process automation possibilities, from inbound customer support hot lines, to automated outbound notifications that scale to handle large call volumes.

Text-to-speech Engine 

IVR allows a UC system to detect audio activity and keyboard inputs with text-to-speech conversion. This enables the system to "Speak Out" both static text and text retrieved from databases for auto-attendant and IVR applications.


NetVanta Business Application Server provides the ability to create multiple auto-attendants using its award winning drag-and-drop, database-enabled, graphical service creation environment.

Conference Server

The optional meet-me conference bridge capability for the NetVanta Business Application Server allows for multiple simultaneous audio conferences, each having a unique fourdigit conference ID. Each conference can be controlled separately with features like mute all for large one-way calls, close conference to any new entrants once the call has started, and report on the number of participants while still on the call.

Paging Server 

The paging server allows live paging, record and review paging, and paging using pre-recorded announcements. Custom paging services can also be quickly and easily created using the software's ODBC enabled drag-and-drop visual service creation environment, allowing pages to be saved to and retrieved from databases. Paging groups can be established to allow pages to be played over overhead speakers in precise locations, broadcast-enabled IP phone sets, and by using existing PBX or paging system paging groups. Employees simply dial a code or use a speed dial from any handset to initiate a page.

Fax Server

NetVanta Business Application Server includes a built-in fax server that allows you to send and receive faxes in your communications services. Faxes can be transmitted from and stored into ODBC databases and built-in tables, allowing you to create powerful custom fax services or add fax capabilities into your IVR, outcall, and auto-attendant services.


NetVanta Business Application Server can send emails with created "on the fly text"/ attachment content and destinations in your communications services. Faxes, images, and audio in databases or acquired in a communications service can be attached to emails with customized subjects text and destinations, allowing flexible email to be created on the fly. The server's email features allow you to create powerful custom email services or add email capabilities into your IVR, outcall, and auto-attendant services.


  • Software-based communications server for tailored business processes
  • Database integration to streamline business processes
  • Inbound/outbound IVR
  • ODBC-enabled IVR and CEBP
  • Rule-based call control/ redirection
  • Text-to-speech
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop service creation
  • Scalable architecture for future growth
  • Conference server
  • Overhead and handset paging
  • Integral fax server
  • Integrated email support
  • Notification services
  • UC Virtualization Support


NetVanta Business Application Server Specifications
Service Creation Environment Features
  • Dial-by-name or extension
  • Time-of-day / day-of-week schedules
  • Drag-and-drop visual service editor
  • Local user time zone support
  • 42 drag-and-drop service elements
    • 16 basic elements
    • 19 advanced elements
    • 7 database elements
  • 27 elements include embedded database integration
  • 23 built-in variables for date, time, parsed calling and called party numbers, names, matched contact name, unique identifier generation, etc.
ODBC-enabled Business IVR
  • Database formats
    • ODBC-compliant databases
    • Built-in personal tables
  • Database Capabilities
    • Retrieve, update, add, delete rows
    • Retrieved results navigation (move to first, last, next and previous rows)
    • Dial for data–similar to dial-by-name
    • Multimedia–voice, fax and text-to-speech support
    • Data types–audio, date, day of week, day of year, fax, logical, number, phone number, text, time of day, time range
  • Call coverage to personal greeting
Speech Engine
  • Read email messages over the telephone
  • Personal contact information using text-to-speech
  • Database IVR responses using the results of database queries
Calling Party ID Routing
  • Calling line ID
  • Database access
  • Find-me/Follow-me
  • Blind transfer
  • Assisted transfer (accept or deny)
Conference Server Features (Optional)
  • Mute self
  • Mute others
  • Disable entry and
  • Close conference to other callers
  • End the conference
  • Audible report of the number of participants
Paging Features
  • Live paging using feature access codes and speed dialing
  • Create custom paging services in the service creation environment
  • Recorded audio paging
  • Pre-recorded audio
  • Caller recorded audio
  • Retrieve and save audio in databases
Supported Paging Devices
  • Unicast paging
  • Multicast paging
  • Computer sound card
  • FXO/FXS devices integrated to paging system
  • Dial plan paging (integration into legacy PBX)
Fax Server Features
  • Save and retrieve faxes in databases and built-in tables
  • Forward/redirect faxes to predefined recipients or via database lookup
  • Email received faxes to predefined recipients or via database lookup
  • Send faxes to lists in databases
  • 7.38 soft IP fax or supported Dialogic media cards
  • Uses standard TIFF image format
eMail Features
  • Create email content using data in databases and built-in tables
  • Send email to lists from databases and built-in tables
  • Attach faxes, images, audio from databases and built-in tables
  • RFC 3261 SIP: Session Initiation Protocol and companion RFCs
  • RFC 2833 RTP Payload for DTMF digits, telephony tones and telephony signals
NetVanta UC Client Administration
  • ODBC and personal table data source management
  • Dialing plan and toll restrictions
  • Features and system parameters
  • Automated attendants and IVR
  • Announcements
  • Services
  • Paging groups
  • Faxes, fax cover pages and fax queue
  • Logging
Server Configuration
  • Hardware (minimum)
    • CPU: Intel Pentium Dual-Core (E2140)
    • RAM:
      • 2GB
      • 4GB (Windows Small Business Server 2003)
      • 6GB (Windows Small Business Server 2008)
    • Hard Drive: 80GB (usable space)–7,200 RPM
  • Supported Operating Systems
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64)
    • Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2008 (x64)
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (x86, x64)
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 SP1, SP2 (x86)
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP1, SP2 (x86)
    • Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 SP1 (x86)
    • VMware vSphere 4.1/5.0
  • Network Card minimum: 100 Mbps
  • Peripherals: mouse, keyboard, monitor (opt.), CD ROM


Download the ADTRAN NetVanta Business Application Server Datasheet (PDF).