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ADTRAN Total Access 850
Modular Integrated Access Device

ADTRAN Total Access 850

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Total Access 850 Series
Total Access 850 Chassis
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The Total Access 850 is an integrated access device designed for cost-effective deployment of voice and data services at the customer's premises. The Total Access 850 benefits enterprise customers as well as integrated communications providers, such as CLECs, ILECs and ISPs, who require a customer premises device that integrates voice and data functions, and provides a viable migration path from TDM to packetbased technology. The Total Access 850 features remote management, an integrated IP router, and special services slots.

Total Access 850 is a modular device with two common slots and eight access slots. Common cards required for operation are a power supply unit (PSU) and a system control unit. System Control Units include either a Bank Control Unit (BCU) or a Router Control Unit (RCU). With a BCU, the Total Access 850 can be configured as a cost-effective TDM channel bank. The BCU activates a T1 network interface and a fractional T1 (DSX-1) interface located on the rear of the chassis. The RCU is another system control option that offers TDM functionality and a migration path to packet technologies including ATM. The RCU also offers an integral IP router and activates a Nx56/64 V.35 port on the rear of the chassis for connecting an additional external data device. Additionally, a variety of user modules are available for use with either the BCU or RCU. Six access slots allow the user to combine a variety of voice and data services. Up to six Quad FXS or Quad FXO access modules can be installed to support up to 24 analog voice lines. Other access modules for data applications include the OCU DP and ISDN U-BR1TE. The other two access slots are for future hardware options.

Using local or remote inband management, carriers can turn features, functions and access ports on and off. Easy access to modules, common cards, the power supply, and the optional battery back-up system simplify maintenance procedures. Hot-swappable modules may be replaced without disrupting other units. The four-circuit-permodule design ensures that a maximum of only four analog circuits are affected when replacing a module.

A compact, metal chassis suitable for the customer premises or the central office provides added safety and reliability. The 2U design uses a minimum amount of rack space with an 8.5-inch by 11-inch footprint the size of a standard piece of notebook paper. Two Total Access 850 systems can be mounted side-by-side in either 19-inch or 23-inch relay racks. Pre-configured packages are available.


  • Cost-effective T1 TDM or T1 ATM IAD depending on the controller module installed
  • Supports voice-only or voice and data (up to 24 FXS/FXO interfaces) applications
  • Integral FT1/DSX-1 port (activated by BCU L2 or RCU)
  • Integral IP router (10/100Base-T Ethernet interface), SNMP, and V.35 Nx56/64 interface for integrated data support and Internet access activated with any version of the RCU
  • Special AB slot for Nx56/64 data module (activates V.35 DTE when BCU L1/L2 is installed in system controller slot)
  • 50-pin female Amphenol connector for subscriber loop terminations
  • Total Access 850 requires two common modules, a PSU, and a BCU or RCU for operation
  • 48 VDC (Optional external 115 VAC, 50 watts)
  • Industry-leading10-year North American warranty


Front View Front View

Rear View Rear View

Total Access 850 Series Specifications
Network Interface
Line Rate 1.544 Mbps +/- 75 bps
Physical Interface RJ–48C (Modular, 8-pin)
Framing D4 (SF)/ESF, TR-08, AT&T 54016 or ANSI T1.403
Line Code AMI/B8ZS
Input Signal 0 to -36 dB
DS0 Assignment User selectable
T1 Transmit Timing Loop and local
TR-08 Support Single Party Ringing (SPR) and Universal Voice Grade (UVG) analog ports supported with FXS modules. CLASS services.
Management Options
  • Accessible from front or rear of unit
  • Electrical Interface: EIA–232, PC Serial Port or Modem
  • Physical Connector: DB-9 front, RJ-48C back 10BaseT Port
  • SNMP/Telnet support
LAN Interface
  • Ethernet 10BaseT (RJ-45)
  • IEEE 802.3
LAN Protocols
  • IP Support: TCP, RIP V1 and V2, UDP, ICMP, DHCP, ARP, UDP Relay, SYSLOG
  • PPP Support: LCP, IPCP, BCP
  • IEEE 802.1D MAC bridging
  • RFC 1490 Frame Relay encapsulation
  • PAP, CHAP, EAP, Radius, Caller-ID, NAT, PAT with DHCP
  • Filtering (Pattern, IP, Bridge)
  • Password protection
Testing and Troubleshooting
Local Payload, Line, and DTE Loopback
  • Payload, Line, and DTE Loopback
  • Fractional T1 Loopback: Per ANSI T1.403-1995, Annex B
  • CSU Loopback (from Carrier Network)
Performance Monitoring
  • Error Counts: ES, SES, UAS, % AS, % EFSEC, Alarms and Error Rates
  • Reports: NI information stored for past 24 hours (15-minute increments)
  • PRMS: ANSI performance report messages
Network Interface Test Jacks Bantam Jacks: RXMON, TXMON, TXNET & TXNet
V.35 DTE Interface (activated by RCU)
Data Rate Nx56 or Nx64 kbps (N=1 to 24)
Electrical and Mechanical CCITT V.35, Winchester type, 34-pin
Clock Options Normal/Inverted and Internal
DSX-1 Interface (activated by RCU)
Line Interface DSX-1 per ANSI T1.102
Physical Interface RJ-48C, modular 8-pin
DSX-1 Framing D4(SF)/ESF
DSX-1 Line Code AMI/B8ZS
DSX-1 Line Length 0 to 655 ft in 133 ft steps
Operating Temperature 0° to 50°C, (32° to 113°F)
Storage Temperature -20 to 70°C, (-4 to 158° F)
Relative Humidity Up to 95%, non-condensing
Dimensions 3.5" H x 11" D x 8.5" W
Weight approx. 8 lbs. (fully loaded, depending on configuration)
DC Power 40-56 vDC, 50W Max
AC Power (order 1175043L2): 90-130 vAC, 60Hz, 50W Max
battery backup system Optional eight-hour battery backup system
Agency Approvals
Agency Approvals UL 1950, CUL, FCC Part 15 (class A) and Part 68


Download the ADTRAN Total Access 850 TDM Series Datasheet (PDF).


ADTRAN Products
Total Access 850 Series
Total Access 850 Chassis
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